April #Nessflash Info: Home, Heritage and Tartan Hearts

oie_j0T6QswkETGbIn case you missed our announcement, Monday April 7th will be the first ever #Nessflash event on Twitter, using the popular social media site to help promote all the very best of Inverness.

As we are introducing #Nessflash in The Year of Homecoming 2014, during the month of April, which is celebrated as Scottish Heritage Month by our friends and family across the Atlantic, it seemed only right that the first every event should have a strong Scottish flavour.

April #Nessflash Theme

With this in my we have themed the inaugural #Nessflash event: “Home, Heritage and Tartan Hearts”

The event, which will be held on Twitter and open to all, will kick off at 9pm on Monday and will feature two questions for participants to answer, followed by a 10 minute “Freestyle” session when those with an interest in Inverness can use the #Nessflash hashtag to share info on their own news and events.

April #Nessflash Questions

The questions for April will be:

  • Q1 (9pm):                            How is Inverness & Loch Ness “Home” to you? What here symbolises “Home” for you? Why is the area a great place to call home? Please mark your answers to this question with #Nessflash A1
  • Q2 (9.10pm):                      What’s the best way to experience Scottish Heritage in & around Inverness? Feel free to share images if you have them! Please mark your answers to this question with #Nessflash A2
  • FREESTYLE (9.20pm):       Share YOUR latest Inverness and Loch Ness area updates NOW. Please mark freestyle session contributions with #Nessflash FS

Get Involved in #Nessflash

#Nessflash has the potential to really get the online audience interested in our area, so it would be great to see all Inverness and Loch Ness area individuals, organisations, friends, fans and followers getting involved! Start spreading the word and we’ll see you there!

  • #Nessflash: Monday April 7th, 9pm on TWITTER led by @InvernessCityUK


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