Inverness to Take Centre Stage in Highland Homecoming 2014

Highland Events in Inverness to form part of Homecoming Scotland 2014

Highland Events in Inverness to form part of Homecoming Scotland 2014

EYES AROUND the world are firmly focused on Scotland as preparation continues for next year’s Homecoming 2014 event – and now Inverness has stepped firmly into the spotlight as it was announced that the city would be taking centre stage in a five-week-long programme of events called the Highland Homecoming.

Because of its place at the heart of the Highlands, Inverness takes its responsibility for welcoming home Highlanders from across the world next year very seriously. With this in mind, the city has put together a mind-blowing package of attractions and events to highlight the area’s history and heritage and celebrate a culture which has been carried around the world by emigrating Scots across the centuries.

Homecoming Events and Entertainment in Inverness

As part of Homecoming 2014, autumn in Inverness next year will be jam-packed with opportunities to celebrate and participate in both traditional and contemporary Highland events including:

  • The inaugural Inverness Highland Meeting “Cruinneachadh Gàidhealach Inbhir Nis” – a brand new inter-clan gathering.
  • The Inbhir Nis/Inverness Homecoming Highland Games, featuring the 2014 Master’s World Championship (the world’s biggest Highland Games event)
  • The premiere Struileag / Shore to Shore project performance at Eden Court
  • The 2014 Royal National MOD

During the Inverness Highland homecoming programme, the city will also host regular annual events such as the Loch Ness Marathon, Inverness Street Theatre Festival and Inverness Raft Race – all of which will give visitors and homecomers the chance to experience the diverse nature of entertainment and events on offer in Inverness each year.

Inverness Homecoming Launch Welcomed

The Inverness homecoming events were announced by first minister Alec Salmond during the recent official Homecoming 2014 launch – and more details will be released in the run up to the event – so keep your eyes on this blog for updates!

Leader of The Highland Council, Councillor Drew said the events would be a boost for tourism giving people at home and abroad even more reason to visit Inverness. He also welcomed the opportunity “ promote our unique Highland identities, traditional sports and culture.”


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