March #Nessflash: Spring into Action!


As the weather grows warmer and we being to look forward to the summer months, March is a great time to think about how we can really get the most out of the Inverness area over the coming months.

Whether you are resident in the area or just visiting, or planning a visit, the start of the spring is a great time to plan your upcoming Inverness area activities, and tonight’s #Nessflash event is a great opportunity to share ideas and information! Hosted by our official Twitter profile @InvernessCityUK, the #Nessflash event will take place from 8.30pm on Twitter – and we’d love if you could join in!

Get Working Towards Your Goals!

This month’s #Nessflash is all about using this month as an opportunity to “Spring” into action and start working towards those goals that have been germinating over the winter months – whatever they might be.

The questions in tonight’s #Nessflash are designed to get people talking about ambitions and opportunities – it is an chance for people to share information on their own plans and learn how to get involved in other things across the Inverness area. Tonight’s #Nessflash is a great place to share YOUR plans for the coming year – will you be:

  • Joining or starting a sports team?
  • Launching/growing your business?
  • Volunteering in and around the city?
  • Taking part in something special?
  • Organising an Inverness area event?

Tell us all about it TONIGHT!

March  #Nessflash Questions

The questions for March will be:

  • Q1 (8.30pm):                How will YOU be springing into action in/around Inverness this Spring? Share YOUR plans and goals! Please mark your answers to this question with #Nessflash A1
  • Q2 (8.40pm):                What Inverness & Loch Ness area activities would YOU recommend to others looking for a new challenge in 2015? Pix?  Please mark your answers to this question with #Nessflash A2
  • FREESTYLE (8.50m):       Share YOUR latest Inverness & Loch Ness area updates NOW. Please mark freestyle session contributions with #Nessflash FS

Let’s See Inverness Online for #Nessflash!

We hope that tonight’s #Nessflash will be an inspirtation for those in the Inverness area, and may entice our audience to explore some new experiences! By taking part in #Nessflash YOU can help the world see the very best of Inverness – so head along to Twitter for #Nessflash from 8.30pm and join in the fun. See you there?!

  • #Nessflash: Monday March 2nd, 8.30pm on TWITTER led by @InvernessCityUK



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