May #Nessflash Info: Holidays in the Heart of the Highlands


This Monday, May 5th will see the second ever #Nessflash event taking place on Twitter, albeit at the slightly earlier time of 8.30pm (due to feedback received after the first event last month.)

The event is an opportunity for everyone with an interest in Inverness to come together online and share their thoughts about, and experiences of, the area. A theme and questions are provided to help kick off the half-hour tweeting session and get enthusiasm fired up for Inverness and Loch Ness.

May #Nessflash Theme

As this month’s #Nessflash event falls on the May Day Bank Holiday, we decided that this would be a great time to think about holidays in the Inverness area and all that they have to offer.

Whether you have tips to offer visitors headed to the area, or information that locals might find useful during holiday periods (activities to amuse the children over the long summer break, for example) we hope you will pop along to Twitter on Monday night from 8.30pm and join in the conversation using the #Nessflash hashtag.

May #Nessflash Questions

The format of the event is two questions, which we will tweet at 8.30pm and 8.40pm, followed by a 10 minute freestyle session from 8.50pm where we encourage Twitter users to talk about all the very best of Inverness and Loch Ness using #Nessflash to help interested people to find their posts!

  • Q1 (8.30pm): Why should people visit/stay in Inverness & Loch Ness for their holidays? Please mark your answers to this question with #Nessflash A1
  • Q2 (8.40pm): What is your top pick for a holiday experience in/around Inverness & why? Share pix if you have you have them! Please mark your answers to this question with #Nessflash A2
  • FREESTYLE (8.50pm):       Share YOUR latest Inverness and Loch Ness area updates NOW. Please mark freestyle session contributions with #Nessflash FS
Use #Nessflash to Promote YOUR Interests and OUR Area!

The #Nessflash event has been created to allow everyone with an interest in promoting Inverness and Loch Ness the chance to coordinate their online efforts for maximum impact! So join us on Monday and take part in the Tweeting to help everyone get the most from the City in the Highlands and its surrounds!



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