#Nessflash is coming!

Maclean view ssflashNDo you think the Inverness area is great? Want to tell the world about everything that is going on in and around the city in the Highlands?

Well here is your chance – #Nessflash is coming.

What is #Nessflash?

#Nessflash is an opportunity for Inverness area residents, businesses, organisations, and admirers to share their love of our city and surrounds on social media, in a coordinated Twitter event running for half an hour on the first Monday of every month from 8.30-9pm (time edited after feedback from the first event)

How Does #Nessflash work?

Each month we will offer two themed questions to encourage people to put their thinking caps on and get engaged – these questions will be advertised in advance to allow people to plan their contribution and will then be tweeted as Q1 and Q2 at 8.30pm and 8.40pm (times edited after feedback from the first event)

To add your answers simply tweet them during the half-hour #Nessflash marked with A1 and A2, using the #Nessflash hashtag

The questions will be followed by a 10 minute “freestyle” session where anyone with a local interest can share info about the Inverness area using the #Nessflash identifier, which could include:

  • Inverness events
  • Inverness organisations
  • Travel tips for visitors to Inverness
  • Inverness business promos
  • Inverness job opportunities
  • Photos of Inverness

Why Should I Join in #Nessflash?

The idea of #Nessflash is to focus the attention of the online audience on the Inverness and Loch Ness area– choosing a time to all tweet together increases our chances of trending on twitter, and attracting a larger audience.

Using the #Nessflash hashtag identifier allows people who are interested to easily follow the conversation and find out more about our area.

A Twitter event is also a great way to network with others using social media in our area, you never know who your might “meet” or where those new connections could take you or your organisation.

How Can I Join #Nessflash

The #Nessflash event is open to all Twitter users, so if you’ve not signed up already do it now! Then follow @InvernessCityUK for info on the first #Nessflash event and don’t forget to watch this space (bookmark the blog now!) for more info on upcoming events!

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